The Wyoming Log Home Experience

It is never too early to start on the plan work for your log home. The earlier that you select a plan, the earlier you can address the site, then the earlier you can get a detailed set of plans. The earlier you get the detailed set of plans, the less stress and last minute problems with your banking institution. It takes longer than most realize to start the construction of the log home. It is not uncommon to start plan work in the winter and break ground for the basement in the late summer to early fall. If the house is on a piece of property, water, electricity and septic must be put in. A driveway will have to be considered also. We can mill, erect and build a log home or structure during any time of the year in most conditions. We have erected several log homes during the winter in the mountains while using snow machines to get to the site. Select an in house plan for reduced drafting costs or use the plans as guidelines. You can also bring in a plan of your own. Most of the homes that we build are custom designed. The format really does not matter as to what the plans are in. They can be a scan or on a napkin. The plan process begins with a down payment with the rest due upon completion of the log package. The plans minimally include a floor plan, a foundation plan, a footer plan, electrical, porch plan, a detail sheet, and cut sheets. This plan book is created on CAD software by our in house architectural draftsman. The cut sheets are the labor intensive part of the plan book. Each log is accounted for numerically by length. A pictorial view shows the location of each of these logs. This information is transferred to a spreadsheet and merged into a word processing program and tags are made. These tags are affixed to the right end of each log. This ensures that every log is prepared correctly and when erecting the home, each log is clearly marked for construction. This process eliminates all the guesswork and streamlines the building process which is reflected by reduced labor costs.
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