Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is the R factor of the Logs?

A: The best way to answer this is to read the PDF in this link, National Bureau Of Standards Tests Confirm Energy-Conserving “Thermal Mass Effect” For Heavy (Log) Walls In Residential Construction

Q: What comes with the log package?

A: There are two type of log packages, milled and rustic.

log packages include logs that are precut and predrilled for electrical outlets and bolts. If aplicable roof purlins and second story floor joists. Interior posts and beams and window and door bucks. Porch post and beams. Fastners, blueprints, cutsheets and consultation.

Rustic log packages includes logs that are cut to random length. All finishings must be done by the purchaser in the field. This package comes with stock blueprints and a construction manual.

Any modifications to the stock plans will change the dynamics of the package and increase the price accordingly

Q: What species of logs are used?

A: Spruce and Lodge Pole Pine are our primary woods. Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir are also available

Q: How are the logs dried?

A: Logs are milled from standing dead dry or fire killed dry timber.

Q: How are the logs milled?

A: Our logs go through a twelve-part process from the time they are delivered our yard and to when they exit. The logs are sorted, milled, draw knifed, plained, cut to length, drilled for bolts, routed for electric, routed at the ends, tagged, stacked into bunks, wrapped in plastic, and finally loaded onto a truck. All these steps ensure that each log is accounted for and is moved through the mill as efficiently as possible. This allows us to mill more products in less time keeping log costs per linear foot down and allows us to deliver a log package in an efficient manner.

Q: What is the price per square foot of a completed home?

A: A finished house that has been built by a contractor can generally run from $160 to $225 to “the sky is the limit” per square foot. This number can be decreased by 25% to 45% for the Do-it-yourselfer. An entire book can be written about this subject.

Q: What comes with the Alaskan series of cabins?

A: Take a look at the Alaskan II Brochure February 2011 everything is explained in detail. If it is not in there, it does not come with it.

Q: What is the difference between the Alaskan II and the Alaskan V?

A: The Alaskan V is smaller in width to allow it to be moved down the highway.

Q: What time of the year can you build?

A: Any time in virtually all conditions. Remember, safty is first. We do not close down for the winter.

Q: What type of foundation can I have?

A: Too much ground slope may force you to put in a full or walk out basement. If your parcel is relatively flat, meaning that there can be no more of a rise in each corner of twenty-four inches you can put a crawl space. If you wish to put a slab on grade, you cannot have a difference of more than eighteen inches at the corners.